7 Best Powered Speakers for Keyboards in 2022

7 Best Powered Speakers for Keyboards in 2022

Performing music in a live setting is, in many ways, the pinnacle of the keyboardist’s career. Often times, though, those who lack the right equipment to adequately project sound can find themselves facing a nightmare. Thankfully, there are keyboard speakers designed to remedy this exact problem. And with so many different choices on the market today, it can be hard to know which ones will suit your needs best.

The Best Powered Speakers for Keyboards

Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker

Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker

  • Lightweight
  • Highly Portable Cabinet
  • High-Efficiency 1000W Class-D Amplifiers
Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speaker

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speaker

  • Modern Sound
  • Retro Look
  • Remote Control
JBL Professional 306P MkII Next

JBL Professional 306P MkII Next

  • Powerful Drivers
  • Tightly controlled bass
  • Class-D power amplifiers


Rockville RPG152K Dual 15

Rockville RPG152K Dual 15" Powered Speakers

  • LCD screen
  • Efficient Amplifier
  • High Power 15" Long-throw Woofer
Behringer Eurolive B210D Powered Speaker

Behringer Eurolive B210D Powered Speaker

  • Ultra-compact
  • Internal switch-mode power supply
  • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology
QSC CP12 12-Inch  Powered Loudspeaker

QSC CP12 12-Inch Powered Loudspeaker

  • Professional appearance
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Compact and powerful performance 
Pyle Wireless Portable PA System Speaker

Pyle Wireless Portable PA System Speaker

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth Wireless Music
  • Powered Outdoor Sound Stereo Speaker

What to look in Powered Speakers for Keyboards

There are plenty of benefits that can be reaped from using a powered speaker for keyboards, like

  • Increasing range
  • Flexibility
  • Better bass quality
  • Eliminating noise distortion
  • Improving clarity

The ideal keyboard speaker can also be used in various settings, ranging from a small home studio setup to large-scale music festivals as well as live performances.

Here we list some of the best powered speakers for keyboards in 2022, which will allow you to build a more complex home theater system where each device compliments another in terms of quality and sound output. There is no such thing as the perfect keyboard speaker, but these give you better value for your money than most speakers on the market can provide for your money’s worth.

1. Yamaha DBR10 : Best Powered Speaker for Keyboards

Yamaha DBR10 700-Watt Powered Speaker

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  • Type : 2 Way Woofer
  • Power : 700 watts
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 17.48 x 18.62 x 27.24 inches


  • Easy setup
  • Sound adjustments are easy
  • Great value, sound, and portability
  • Very impressive lightweight speaker


  • Nothing at all

I needed some new powered speakers for the band, and we had just gotten a new keyboardist, so I wanted to get something with a good range of sound. These Yamaha speakers have a very nice sound, though I feel like you have to be pretty close to them to hear what they can do. I’ve used them for a few shows now, and they’ve done a pretty good job. They’re a bit small, so we do have to use some adapters to get them on stands. The cabinets are a bit thin, so I’m not sure how long they’ll last.

The Yamaha DBR series powered speaker cabinets bring excellent sound quality, reliability, and portability to your stage. Using the latest in digital signal processing technology, our engineers designed proprietary FIR-X tuning algorithms to optimize the sound and protection algorithms to give the DBR series class-leading maximum output power.

DBR 10″ Powered Speakers are the best powered speakers for keyboards, using a separate power amplifier for the woofer and the high frequency driver to deliver accurate, controlled performance. All the acoustic components were specifically designed to take full advantage of the power amplifiers and DSP, resulting in a very natural sound, even at very high levels.

With a simple switch, a DBR can easily be configured for use as a high-performance floor monitor or a great-sounding main speaker, making setup a snap. Add to this Yamaha’s 7-year warranty and you can be assured of a long life with great sound. The Yamaha DBR series gives you the power to play.

2. Edifier R1280T : Best Budget Powered Speaker for Keyboards

Edifier R1280T 2.0 Stereo Powered Speakers

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  • Type : Bookshelf
  • Total power output : 21W x 2
  • Woofer Size : 4”
  • Tweeter Size : 0.5 Inch
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 9.2 x 5.7 x 7.7 inches


  • They sound great.
  • Awesome speakers but a slight warning
  • Highs, mids and lows are clear and crisp
  • Good sound, excellent value, simple and practical


  • Nothing at all

The Edifier R1280T Powered keyboards Speakers come with a retro look and modern audio quality. They’re versatile and affordable, and you don’t have to compromise on sound. If you’re looking for 2.0 speakers that are the real deal, these are the perfect one’s for you.

The R1280T keyboard speakers have a 4-inch bass driver and calibrated flared bass reflex ports that give off rich and full bass notes that will blow you away. The precise sound production of these speakers will make any audiophile happy.

They are perfect external speakers for Casio keyboards. Personalize your listening experience with the bass, treble, and volume dials on the active bookshelf speaker. The dual RCA inputs of the r1280t powered bookshelf speakers let you connect to multiple audio devices so that you can enjoy music from all of your gadgets.

3. JBL Professional 306P MkII : Best Small Powered Speakers for Keyboards

JBL Professional 306P Powered Studio Monitor

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  • Type : Bookshelf
  • Power : 112W
  • Woofer Size : 6.5″
  • Tweeter Size : 1″ tweeter
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 14.2″ x 8.8″x 11.1″ inches


  • Awesome speakers
  • Excellent Jbl knows sound
  • Great price range, better performance
  • Excellent speakers that compliments Yamaha HS5


JBL Professional has come up with an amazing product with these JBL Professional 306P MkII Next-Generation 6″ 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors. With each speaker having 112 watts of power, you can’t go wrong. They are equipped with acclaimed 3 Series transducers and Slip Stream low-frequency ports. Having dual integrated, custom Class-D amplifiers helps to provide the extra power needed for all your studio needs.

These speakers are the best small powered speakers for keyboards. They were designed to meet the needs of small home studios that are on a budget of under five hundred dollars but want quality sound. These speakers will not disappoint you in any way. They have excellent sound quality that compliments Yamaha HS5.

4. Rockville RPG152K : Best Powered Speakers Keyboard Amp

Rockville RPG152K Dual 15″ Powered Speakers

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  • Type : Component
  • Power : 1500 watts
  • Horn driver : 25mm
  • Long-throw Woofer : 15 Inch
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 37.6 x 38.2 x 16.5 inches


  • Great portable speakers
  • Great for an outdoor movie theater
  • Great sound, great product!
  • Sound is much better using the better aux cables for hard wire connections


  • Bluetooth has super short range

The Rockville RPG152K is an all-in-one complete PA system with 15″ speakers. With the RPG152K, you get everything you need for a pro PA setup in one convenient package: You get two 15″ pro audio speakers with 1500 watts of total power.

The system includes a master active speaker that features a built-in amplifier and a second passive speaker that is powered by the master speaker/amp.

This system includes our latest Bluetooth integration from the world leader in Bluetooth technology, CSR, with keyboard speakers for the home. Bluetooth is a great feature for powered pro audio speakers because it allows you to easily and wirelessly stream your music from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as your phone or MP3 player, making them the best powered speakers for keyboards. The USB input and SD input give you even more options for playing back music on this system.

5. Behringer EUROLIVE B210D : Best Speakers for Keyboards

Behringer Eurolive B210D Powered Speaker

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  • Type : 2-Way
  • Power : 200 watts
  • Woofer : 10 Inch
  • Weight : 19.18 pounds
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 37.6 x 38.2 x 16.5 inches


  • Awesome party speaker
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Very portable, clear sound
  • Sounds great alone.


  • Revolutionary Class-D Amplifier Technology” is really no use

The Behringer EUROLIVE B210D Active 200 Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System with 10″ Woofer and 1.35″ Compression Driver is a lightweight, Class-D amplifier that is designed to deliver substantial power while taking only a little space.

This speaker has built-in digital stereo crossovers as well as limiters. These features ensure that your audio is always high quality and never suffers from the distortion that can occur with low quality speakers.

The speaker’s custom-engineered transducers have been specially made to be lightweight but deliver maximum sound. This design makes the speaker exceptionally versatile for use in a variety of situations and circumstances. These are the best keyboard speakers for home use.

6. QSC CP12 Powered Speaker : Best Compact Powered Speakers for Keyboards

QSC CP12 Compact Powered Loudspeaker

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  • Type : 2-Way
  • Power : 1000 watts
  • Woofer : 12 Inch
  • Weight : 36.3 pounds
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 17 × 17 × 23.8 in


  • Well worth the money.
  • Bass was tight & deep and highs were high
  • Smaller, lighter and sound more crisp


  • Popping issues

QSC knows how to make powerful, compact speakers that sound great and stand the test of time. The CP12 is no exception:

  1. Outstanding performance
  2. High level of quality
  3. Long-term dependability

We know you love your job, but we also know that sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right speaker system for the job. Our CP12s are made with style, portability, and top-notch quality in mind. We’ve designed them to fit easily into your existing setup—and they’re light enough to carry in your backpack if you need them on the road!

The CP12s come with 1000 watts of power, letting you crank up the volume without worrying about distortion or losing clarity. They’ll make even the most complicated mix sound clear and crisp, and they are the best powered speakers for keyboards. With our CP12s, you’ll never have to worry about what kind of speakers you’ll have available at a venue; just show up with a pair of these in tow and you’ll be all set!

7. Pyle Portable PA : Best PA Speakers for Keyboards

Pyle Portable PA System Powered Speaker


  • Type : Portable
  • Power : 400 watts
  • Woofer : 8 Inch
  • Weight : 25.98 lb
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) : 14.7 x 11.2 x 10.6″


  • Portable
  • Loud for a home system.
  • Multiple mixable inputs
  • Sound quality is surprisingly good for this price.
  • Great for karaoke lover, convenient and affordable


  • Little noisy

If you’re looking for a portable, powerful wireless PA system for your next school event, concert, or other performance, look no further than the Pyle PWMA230BT.It is a best powered pa speakers for keyboards available now in market.

This is a versatile system that can stream Bluetooth music wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about tangled wires and cables. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that gives you more freedom to take your show on the road. And when you need to transport it, just roll it around using the telescoping handle and caster wheels.

The speaker has 400 watts of power and full-range stereo sound to ensure that your message or music will be heard loud and clear by everyone in attendance. Don’t worry about not being able to hear yourself if you use a microphone—the system is equipped with echo control, so that doesn’t happen.

In addition to the wireless microphone, you can use up to two additional microphones with this system. Plus, it also supports guitars or other instruments thanks to its 1/4-inch input jacks.

So, whether you want to amplify your voice at a school assembly or give an electric performance at a concert hall, the PWMA230BT will help make sure your audience hears every note and word loud and clear, so they are the best powered speakers for keyboards.

What are powered speakers?

Speakers usually fall into two categories: powered and unpowered. Powered speakers are self-contained units that include an amplifier in the speaker cabinet. They are often heavier and more expensive than unpowered speakers. But they also provide better sound quality. Unpowered speakers require an external amplifier, but they are lighter and less expensive. The best powered speakers deliver full, rich sound and have a long-throw woofer for deep bass. They can also handle large sound systems and are easy to transport. Unpowered speakers are ideal if you want to use your keyboard’s amplifier. They are more portable, and they don’t require additional equipment.

How to Choose the Best Powered Speakers for Keyboards?

When it comes to instrument amplification, piano players have it easy. All they really need is a piano amp. On the other hand, guitarists need an amplifier, a preamp, and a DI box if they want to play through the PA system without any additional latency. Keyboard players are a bit luckier.

They can usually get by with a keyboard amp. But, the quality of the sound from a keyboard amp is not as good as that from a keyboard amp. That’s why keyboard players often use powered speakers. A powered speaker is a speaker system that has a built-in amplifier. These speakers are usually more expensive than regular speakers because they contain a power amplifier and a preamp.


The power source (battery or AC) will determine when and where you can use your speaker, so choose wisely based on what you need it for.


Consider the price tag before making a decision so that you know what you’re getting into financially. When you’re shopping for a keyboard speaker, there are a number of things you’ll want to take into consideration. While some of these factors are more important—and more easily defined—than others, you should consider the following:


Does it offer a variety of inputs so that you can connect your keyboard with other devices that may be needed? Does it allow for different outputs so that you can hook up as many speakers as necessary or desired? Is it compatible with a range of sizes in terms of input and output ports? Can you use it with other types of instruments besides keyboards, if needed?


The size and weight of a speaker are important to consider if you plan on moving it around or using it in different environments. How large is the speaker itself? How large is the entire system when all the component parts are hooked up together? With so many speakers on the market these days, it can be difficult to choose just one.


You’ll want a speaker that’s compatible with your keyboard—that is, it should be able to sit on top or be attached to it in some way. If you prefer a sleeker look, consider a desktop-style model.


 Look for a speaker that gives you more control over the sound quality by offering an equalizer. This way, you can increase the bass or treble as needed and customize your listening experience.


Some speakers are able to connect with other devices like smart phones and tablets via Bluetooth® technology, while others only work with headphones and other traditional audio sources like CD players or MP3 players. If you want something more versatile, then look into these kinds of options before deciding on which model will best suit your needs.


Powered speakers are always best for keyboards because they are small, portable, and can help amplify the sound that is being produced. There are a wide variety of models available to get you started with a powered speaker that is right for you. We hope that our review was helpful in helping you learn what these speakers have to offer and which one would be best for your needs.