How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone/iPad

How to pair Two Bluetooth Speakers to One Iphone

How can I connect more than one Bluetooth speaker to one iPhone? Pairing two Bluetooth speakers together is a great way to amplify the sound. The majority of iPhones today allow users to simultaneously play music on multiple speakers. The iPhone 8 and later support audio sharing, so unless you have a really old phone, chances are your phone should support it natively.

Can you Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone?

Yes, you can easily connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone Easily. Your mobile phone will probably be equipped with Bluetooth 5, which allows you to connect a couple of Bluetooth speakers.

All latest iPhone Models support Bluetooth speakers so you can easily connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone device. You can do it manually or can connect two Bluetooth speakers with help of an App. But if you have an older iPhone then it can be a little tricky.

Which iPhone and iPad models have this feature?

Following Apple devices support connection of two or more speakers simultaneously:

  • iPad Air – 3rd generation
  • iPad – 5th generation and up
  • iPad mini – 5th generation
  • iPod touch 7th generation
  • iPhone models: iPhone 8 and above
  • iPad Pro – 12.9 (2nd generation and up), 11″ 10.5″

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to One iPhone?

The following description will lead you through the process step by step and help you easily connect your two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone without any hassle.

The iOS software on your device needs to be updated as well.

Go to Settings > General > About and then look for software version 13 or later at the top of the screen to see if this applies. Depending on the OS version installed on your device, this setting may seem different.

Step 1:  Go to Settings > Bluetooth on the iPhone/iPad

  • Turn on Bluetooth and make sure it is discoverable.
Turn on Bluetooth Step 1

Step 2: Turn On Both Speakers

Ensure that each device is on and visible. This process could take a while.

Turn on Bluetooth Step 2 1

Step 3: Pair Speakers with Bluetooth Settings

When you’ve found both speakers, choose one of them and then connect it by following the instructions on your iPhone/iPad.This is sometimes accomplished by inputting a Passcode.

How to enter Input Passcode in iPhone/iPad

The same Bluetooth passcode that is displayed on your speaker or by simultaneously hitting buttons on both speakers.

Step 4: For each additional speaker setup, you want to add, repeat steps 2 and 3.

  • You don’t need to pair your iPhone with each speaker separately.
  • For instance, you could disconnect the first two speakers from the connection before adding the third speaker to connect a third speaker.

Step 5: After switching to multi-speaker mode, return to a single speaker

  • To limit Bluetooth to only one device, remove any extra speakers or headphones from the settings tab’s list.
  • You can rejoin them again if necessary by taking the actions listed above.


In conclusion, by following the simple steps in this guide, you can easily connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone or iPad. This can be a great way to improve the sound quality of your music or videos, and it’s a convenient option when you want to share your audio with others. So why not give it a try?


Can iPhone 11 connect to 2 Bluetooth devices?

Yes, the iPhone 11 can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This is a new feature for the iPhone 11 and allows you to easily connect to two headphones or speakers at the same time.

How many Bluetooth devices can be paired to an iPhone?

An iPhone can support up to seven Bluetooth devices. However, in practice, the number of devices that can be successfully paired depends on the strength of the Bluetooth signal and the number of other devices that are already paired to the iPhone.

Is there an app to connect two Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, there are a number of apps that can help you connect two Bluetooth speakers. One popular app is called Bluetooth AmpMe. Bose connect is also used to connect two blutooth speakers to one iphone.

Is AmpMe a free app?

Yes, AmpMe is a free app. You can use it to play music with your friends, even if they’re not in the same room.

Can you share Bluetooth audio on iPhone?

Yes, you can share Bluetooth audio on your iPhone.

How much does AmpMe cost?

AmpMe is a free app that allows users to play music together using their phones. No ads or in-app purchases are required to use the app.

Can you pair 2 headphones to iPhone?

Yes, you can pair two headphones to an iPhone. To do so, go to Settings > Bluetooth and select the headphones you want to pair.

Does AmpMe make music louder?

No, AmpMe does not make music louder. AmpMe is a app that allows users to play music together by connecting their devices.

Is it possible for me to connect my iPad to two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously?

Traditionally, when it comes to audio streaming, Bluetooth technology on devices such as the iPad allows connection to only one device at a time. This lies in mirroring the simplicity sought after by most users. To put it more succinctly, your iPad may connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time but typically this would encompass one audio device and another for data transfers. So, to put it plainly, a majority of the time, it’s safe to presume that your iPad can connect to two Bluetooth ‘devices’ at the same time, only if one is for audio and the other for data purposes.

Can I connect my iPhone to two Bluetooth speakers concurrently?

Accessing the advanced or fine-tuned Bluetooth settings on your iPhone can allow you to tap into the ‘Dual Audio’ option. This feature, however, necessitates your iPhone being connected to two speakers at the same time for it to become effective. Remember, there’s a cap to this; if you try to connect a third device, your iPhone will automatically disconnect from the first device you had paired previously. In a nutshell, by tinkering with the advanced Bluetooth settings, you can indeed connect your iPhone to two Bluetooth speakers concurrently.

Is it possible to connect an iPad to multiple speakers at the same time?

With a device running iOS 11.4 or later, such as an iPhone or an iPad, your Apple TV, or even a Mac with macOS Catalina or any later versions, you have the ability to stream audio to multiple speakers. You just need to use a feature such as AirPlay to broadcast your audio to your array of AirPlay-compatible speakers or smart TVs. To put it quite simply, using AirPlay, you can stream audio to a number of speakers or smart TVs, thereby achieving your multi-device setup. Therefore, you can actually connect your iPad to multiple speakers simultaneously, provided you use a feature like AirPlay and have compatible devices.

How do I activate the dual audio feature on my iPhone?

Firstly, on the initial speaker, you should press the Bluetooth and Volume Up (+) buttons simultaneously until you hear an acknowledgment sound. Proceed to press the Bluetooth button twice on the second speaker. After a brief interval, the two speakers will be connected and commence playing in ‘PARTY’ mode. If you wish to switch to ‘stereo’ mode, you will need to install the relevant app on your iPhone. So, by following these steps, you can successfully enable and benefit from dual audio on your iPhone.